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The Benefits of a New Roof

While there are many obvious benefits to having your old roof system replaced, like; curb appeal, your current roof is leaking, etc. There are many unforeseen benefits as well.

1. Resell Value:

When a new homeowner or first time home buyer is looking to purchase a home they typically are looking to purchase a home with only minor repairs needed. A roof replacement could cost them the bulk of their remodeling budget. Plus, you as the home owner will likely be able to get a great return on investment (ROI). Let’s face it the longer your home sets on the market the less you will likely get for it. A new roof can bring you upwards of $20K when reselling your home (depending on size).

2. Safety:

What is the roof on your home? It is your cover, your blanket, your shield from the elements. All of the most important things to you are likely under the roof of your home i.e. family, family heirlooms, everything you worked so hard to earn. Why not keep that shield in the best shape possible? A great contractor can recommend the best products on the market; with a lifetime manufacturers’ warranty and workmanship warranties. Be sure to ask about these types of items along with derogated roof decking replacement, various types of under-layment, etc.

3. Increased Beauty and Value:

Everyone notices a home with a new roofing system; the visual appeal is unparalleled. When a home is built, not only should it last for years to come, the appearance of your home should make you proud to live there and it should Stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. When you’re ready to sell your home consider investing in those things that will bring you the wanted ROI; like a new roof from Brad McDonald Roofing, Inc.

Why Brad McDonald Roofing, Inc.?

We have been serving the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties for 50 plus years. As a family own small business you will not only get upstanding customer service but you’d be contributing to your local economy as well. With our foot hold in the new construction arena; it gives the buying power from suppliers/ manufacturers which most other contractors do not receive. Which in turn we pass directly to our customers.